Christian Discipleship Programs

We weren’t meant to do our Christian walk alone. We need fellowship, discipleship and biblical support. Our programs are designed to climb and walk with you.

Our Discipleship Programs

The REAL Discipleship Academy programs are centered on three key components. You can select one, two or even combine all three segments depending on your needs. Each program is designed to help you get REAL. 

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Dignified Deliverance

There are several ways to do deliverance, some are good, and some are incredibly eccentric. We have found that deliverance does not need to be this way. We created this 7-step virtual program that offers 1 on 1 counseling which will focus on your specific strongholds, traumas, and triggers. A trained minister will walk with you side by side so that you will receive the forever freedom Christ died for. You don’t need to live in bondage to the enemy anymore.

• Identify and cancel the lies of the enemy that have distorted your perception of yourself and your relationship with Jesus.
• Learn taboo topics including different types of sin and occult activities that most Christians will never hear preached from a pulpit.
• Identify and break ungodly soul ties, generational and word curses.
• Receive a personal deliverance session – calling out each stronghold specifically that you deal with.
• Forever Free Follow-up Session includes the next steps to maintain freedom.

What’s Included


👉 7 – one-on-one sessions
👉 Teachings and Personal Coaching on all 7 Steps
👉 PDF of Book (Hardcopy available on Amazon)
👉 Exercises and Declarations
👉 2-Hr Personal Deliverance with an Ordained Minister
👉 Bonus! Prayer Line and Community Support

Christian Deliverance Counceling

Christian Counseling

This 60-minute virtual visit will focus on your specific needs. Your assigned counselor will walk with you through life’s obstacles and personal struggles and help you achieve personal goals and dig deep into the places that require inner healing.

• Focuses to resolve wounds and past traumas.
• Driven by the client’s desire and comfortable pace to overcome pain.
• Looks at the “Why?” to get to the root of the issues.
• Teaches overcoming strategy so healing can happen and coping mechanisms are no longer necessary.

Christian Coaching

This 60-minute virtual visit focuses on discipleship, growing in Christ, understanding the gifts of the Holy Spirit and how to use them, teaching, training, and equipping to pursue your calling. Your assigned Discipleship Coach will use practical tips, encouragement, motivation, and your style of support to ensure success. Other focused areas of coaching may include leadership, career, spousal, and parent coaching to achieve more effective strategies in one or more of these areas.

• Focuses on taking action, getting results, and increasing potential.
• Looks at the question “How?” and applies the word in the recipe for success.
• Aims on utilizing strengths and giftings and applying them well.
• Establishes future goals and strategies to accomplish those.

Coaching can be implemented as a one-time coaching session or an ongoing program.

Online Courses

Join a self-paced prerecorded class that offers powerful teachings on various topics. While enrolled in each course, you will be assigned a discipleship coach that can answer your questions and even check on you throughout your studies to ensure understanding and accountability. Whether you are a new believer or a seasoned Christian, you are sure to learn new, practical concepts to apply to your life and grow in your journey.

• Lifetime Access to the App with embedded content.
• Multiple teachings – Prerecorded * (# of videos will vary)
• Practical assignments that help you apply content to your life.
*hard copy of a workbook or eBook is available for purchase on Amazon.